marangoniInstitutional advertising + 80th anniversary


Students at Istituto Marangoni don’t experience fashion: they create it. They are the opposite of a fashion victim: they are warriors ready for battle and talent is their weapon.


A strong, unflinching slogan, a call to arms in an international campaign on fashion, design and outdoor magazines.


To celebrate 80 years of success of one of the most prestigious fashion schools globally – with branches in Milan, Florence, Paris, London, Shanghai and Shenzehn – Istituto Marangoni launched a contest for talented young people all over the world, offering 80 scholarships. A new logo was created, as well as a new claim, inspired by the historic brand.


A new platform was created to host the contest, showcase the projects and give each participant a personal page where they could introduce themselves and their work.


In line with the new concept, the agency has produced new corporate materials, such as the prospectus giving an overview of courses – the prospectus was styled as a “magazine”, with in-depth articles on school locations and alumni case histories.


The photo shoot was carried out in Milan. The pictures were taken by Aldo Fallai, a photographer who has been working for Giorgio Armani for more than 20 years.